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We Have Successfully Removed Over $2 Million In Debt From Our Clients' Credit Reports!

Are you tired of living with the burden of bad credit? Are you ready to take control of your financial future? Look no further than BMore Fluent Credit Repair services. We are not just another credit restoration company – we are your partners in achieving a better tomorrow.

What Makes Us Different?

Typically In The Credit Repair Process, You Must Maintain Credit Monitoring While Paying A Separate, But Necessary, Fee To Access Your Scores And Reports. Not With Lawful Restoration Services! We Are The ONLY Credit Restoration Company Providing Our Clients With Their FICO Industry Scores & Reports For NO extra Fee!

How We Improve Your Life

Our Certified Credit Experts Are Highly Trained To Break Down Your Credit Report To Find All Violations Of The Laws Enacted By Congress To Protect You, The Consumer. Our Number One Priority Is To Assist You In The Removal Of Inaccurately Reporting Information In The Least Amount Of Time Possible. Our Ethical Strategy Has Helped Us Maintain An 89% Deletion Rate For Our Clients. We Fight For You, So You Don't Have To!


We challenge every piece of negative information every month. This makes your repair process much shorter, saving you money.


We help you open specifically selected, preapproved lines of credit to add positive information to your report, making it easier to get more approvals later.


We teach you how to continue to build and maintain your new score FOR LIFE!


Real People. Real Results. We Pride Ourselves On Providing Expedited Results For Our Clients With Top Tier Service & Proven Strategy

Not Sure If You Need Credit Repair?

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We Get It! This Is Going To Be One Of The Biggest Life Changes Decisions You Will Ever Make. That's Why We Keep Our FAQ Page Up To Date With The Answers To Any Questions You May Have.

Look What Our Clients Have To Say!

I had someone working on my credit for 2 years and barely did anything! BMore Fluent has been working on my credit for 2 months and got EVERYTHING deleted! Please go to them you won't regret it!

-t holmes

BMore Fluent and her team are really great and work hard. They have removed so much from my reports and are almost complete to where I want to be. I am definitely glad that I went with this company and would recommend them to anyone!


BMore Fluent is absolutely great! My credit score has gone up over 100 points! They always explain the process to me and I am consistently receiving emails on new disputes and deletions! This company has changed my life, I am so much closer to my financial goals now. After using other companies with no results, BMore Fluenthas all of my faith and confidence in the services they offer.


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Still Unsure If Our Program Is Right For You?

No Problem, Book A Call With One Of Our Experts And Make Today The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Financially Free Life!

The BMore Fluent Credit Repair Advantage

Not Only Do We Offer The #1 Credit Restoration Program,

We Teach You Endless Credit Tricks & Hacks

You'll Learn How To...

  • Get Cash From Your Credit Cards

  • Report Your Income On Your Credit

  • Get Pre-approved For Credit Cards, Vehicles, and More!

  • Get Multiple Credit Card Approvals With One Inquiry

  • Get Faster Credit Limit Increased

  • Report Your Rent On Your Credit

  • And More!


Complete the onboarding and receive your Client Consultation and Credit Analysis.


We do all the heavy lifting for you to remove the information keeping your credit score low.


Log in to see updates, progress, and results in every step of the way.

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Than Today!

Don't let bad credit hold you back any longer. It's time to invest in yourself, your financial well-being, and your future. Choose BMore Fluent Credit repair services and take the first step towards a brighter tomorrow. Contact us today and let us be your partners in achieving financial freedom.

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